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MPA Mian Alamdar Qureshi Muzaffargarh Original Video Here Girl Mujra Enjoying With Wine Bottles

By : Jamshed Dasti

Muzaffargarh MPA-255 (Alamdar Qureshi) NA-177 area secret video is leaked with girl and wine bottles. Video made by someone unknown person and he send us this video with everything he captured. Because he was also there and making this video but later he deceided to show this video to everyone because if you remember when Jamshed Dasti MNA said that some parliament lodges members. But no one was going to believe on my words but now everything is out.

The dancing girl showered with prize money over her dancing moves and got a slight dancing partnership with the provincial minister.

According to a local news channel Samaa News, the lawmaker was drunk at the time as the wine bottle can be seen clearly in the video.

Here Is Below Video

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Jamshed Dasti And His Citizen/Voters Visit In Sakhi Sarwar

By : Jamshed Dasti
 Jamshed Dasti MNA and his supporters friends in Sakhi Sarwar tour invited by citizen of Sakhi Sarwar.
MNA and with his all people's when they reached in city of Sakhi Sarwar they were waiting for welcome to them. MNA said i really enjoyed with their people's and they were so nice and amazing people's. We want to say more thanks to them because we just know how much they love me and my citizen.

They've served us with food and fruits and lot of more things which we didn't expect from them and especially their respect and love for us.

After that we were coming back to our city but before i come back to city Muzaffargarh then i decided to give them some of my speech for words for them.

+Jamshed Dasti MNA Official  said that life is really short and we can't make it more than longer. Why we are fighting with each other ? it's our responsibility to protect our religious, nation, city, and also country. Politics is a game and there is no respect and love for poor people's so do not expect anything from cheap people's and cheap parties. They are just doing work and earning money for them and for their feature.

We must make decision that what we are doing for our children's and family ? Just make love with each other because it's the first step of successful person in life.

Hazoor Pak SAW said: 2 people's are not from my Ummah,

1 who lies and one who cheats. If you maintain this insha Allah ! you will see that Allah is always with you and never give up. Try to make yourself strong and live like a strong person and true person.

I'm not interested in any party or any money because if my dream is money then i will never walk and talk with any of person from you or even from my city. I will just make proud on myself that's it but no way i love to help poor people's because i'm also from a poor family and i'm now MNA because of your prayers and because of your love.

Once again thanks for your love insha Allah we will meet again in this city. 

Allah Hafiz. 

Please take a look at below pictures of Jamshed Dasti MNA. 

Great Welcome By Rajanpur City People's (Jamshed Dasti MNA Muzaffargarh)

By : Jamshed Dasti
Jamshed Dasti MNA Muzaffargarh invited by Rajanpur city people's. When Jamshed dasti reached on his location then he see lot people's were staying there for welcome to MNA. In these photos you can see they were really excited to meet me there. I always give time and love to my citizen and people's that's the reason I'm on top it's not my proud or rudeness nothing but it's about people's love. 

I visited some shops and other people's house for giving them importance and time. I have everything in my life because i have you my all voters/people's/ and citizen. Whenever i have time i'll go everywhere where people's need me. 

Take a look at below beautiful photos which is taken by fan/voter of +Jamshed Dasti MNA Official . 

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