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Love to spend time with Kids

By Jamshed Dasti → Saturday, June 07, 2014

Jamshed Dasti Book "Eagle of Muzaffargarh" Coming Soon On This Website

By Jamshed Dasti → Friday, June 06, 2014
No one is better than this kid because i know the feelings of poverty in my life. You know when i was a kid i know everything about poverty and all about it feelings. I know what's the status of poor person in this Pakistan country and all over the world. 

No one is accept anyone in his/her life but i want to give happiness and love to those all poor people's who deserve this feelings/love/ and happiness. 

Please take a look at this below picture and see how much he is happy after he met with me ;) 

Masha Allah 

Amazing Moments In My Life

“Rich men have dreams. Poor men die to make them come true.”

By Jamshed Dasti → Thursday, June 05, 2014
I just want to live like this and one day we all will buried in this clay. I just want to feel the beauty of nature in my life with the great, amazing, beautiful earth made by Allah.

Just look at my Picture Jamshed Dasti MNA

There is beauty in simplicity and nature.

By Jamshed Dasti → Tuesday, June 03, 2014
It's great way to make yourself popular in the world and share your thoughts and feelings with everyone on this planet via Social media and websites. But today i'm introducing my official page and ID everything you want to hear from me you just need to visit these page and id. You will get every updates from my Admin & computer operator Shan King Khan. He is great guya nd loving person to make my work and everything so simple and easy. If you have any question please you can ask using contact forum on my page. 

Just take a look at these photos which is captured by Mansoor Qureshi from Muzaffargarh. Thanks to him. 

I'm Checking My Official Page & ID Notification Comments & Messages On Laptop

By Jamshed Dasti → Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amazing +Jamshed Dasti MNA Official sold his car for poor people's because he don't have money for bus service but he is trying to help them for kindness and that is cool. I don't care if my car is not available for me or maybe i can't drive my own drive in the feature but i wish that all poor people's will enjoy the free journey of my buses.

Jamshed Dasti Sold His Car Because of Free Bus Service For Poor People's

By Jamshed Dasti → Sunday, May 04, 2014

Jamshed Dasti MNA 178 In Kohat City with Shakeel Fridi his some friends and other people's in these photos. Jamshed Dasti was invited by his friends in Kohat city to visit their city. He also given speech/interview to Media GEO. Here is below the complete photos made by Shakeel Afridi and his friends. 

Please take a look at below images of Jamshed Dasti MNA Muzaffargarh. 

Jamshed Dasti MNA Visit Kohat City.

By Jamshed Dasti → Friday, May 02, 2014